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Paul Trigwell

Three Years on...


Hello again, a lot has happened since my initial ramblings. So I thought I would write just to keep you very important people updated.
Three and a half years down the line and many people are still sorely missing Paul. Having said that many good things have prevailed from bad. We are now fast approaching the 4th Paul Trigwell Island Run where his 30years of exceptional work is being carried on, and importantly his name also lives on with the work.
Believe me he will be smiling to know that his name is still encompassing the children he loved to work with and for. The very children that need a little help for whatever reason that is, and the Fund in his name can afford that to happen for them. Every time a cheque is handed over he will be thinking, good, one more, where’s the next? He will also laugh out loud every time his name is cursed when the setting up goes wrong, when the organisation hic-ups or even when somebody complains during the Run Day as some of the 4 million steps are being taken in his name for his cause.
I remember the times when Paul used to do the old Island Run, he hated every minute of it. Always saying “Never again” he always did though, I never gave him an option. So imagine, please, he will be watching on Sunday May 9th saying to Linda “Look at those idiots, good cause though”.  Linda will agree and she’ll just be laughing as only Linda could, and did.



You must allow me to digress a moment. Linda another very good friend of ours, she was also one of the initial Cheyne gang and a stalwart of this Run organising team. Sadly in the build up to The Run last year Linda passed away, tragically, suddenly and as Paul far, far too early in life.  As her husband also Paul, son and daughter Lloyd and Bethan, the brilliant legacy she has left behind, know she is also being incredibly sorely missed.

How Linda ever got onto an organising committee I will never know. A little Linda scenario for you…… after months of planning, absolute, meticulous, organisation, paper work out of your ears, forms double checked, numbers triple checked and folders complete. Race day - 10 mile start Linda’s race numbers and forms 1 to 50 blowing all over Shellness car park. She picked up her file the wrong way! Mad scramble, saved the runners going through a normal warm up routine though. Half an hour back on track. Having said all that I would have Linda in my team every time. She would laugh, she would joke (well try to) Linda just by walking into a room, even if it was full of laughter anyway she could still lift it to another dimension. Lovely and dearly missed lady.

With regards to the run:-

You people out there have made a huge difference, and we on Pauls’ behalf thank you for all your efforts so far, and hope we can continue the good work started. Please see Memorial Fund page on this web site.

Paul was a very proud and dignified man who wanted no more than to teach and help any child who was lucky enough to cross his path. Thanks to your support through The Fund and The Run his name is still doing that. He is still very much missed and always will be, not least of all by his family.

What I feel is that, yes his family miss a husband and dad terribly but what they also find hard to come to terms with is what Paul is missing out on himself, with regard to what is happening in their lives. His family work tirelessly with the Fund to keep his ideals and beliefs alive and working. If you have supported the run in the past, we hope you enjoyed and you feel you can support again. If you are new to us please give it a go you will be made very welcome.
Please feel free to support in any way you can it will be very much appreciated. You would be making one very important mans smile a little broader, as he knows who will be the beneficiaries of his fund, and that’s the important part. It is also nothing less than the gentleman deserves.
Every one that knew him was a better person for having done so.

Frank Dunn


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