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The fund was set up in memory of Paul Trigwell, Head Teacher of St. George’s Middle School, following his untimely death. It was conceived to continue in the spirit of Paul himself, whose concern and care for the pupils in his charge, was foremost in the ethos of the school. Hopefully the work of the fund will continue to give help young people who need it, something of which Paul Trigwell would have approved.


The Charity’s objects are;

          “To advance the education of children aged 4 – 18 years of age on the Isle of Sheppey, in particular but not exclusively of those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.”



May 2015 Update


At the end of the last financial year of the fund, over £100,000 had been raised.

During the last year (2014-15) 317 awards/grants were made, bringing the total financial help/support given so far to £75,000.



January 2014 update

Who could have foreseen the on-going success of the Paul Trigwell Memorial Fund?

Thanks to support from the Paul Trigwell Island Run, local schools and organisations and private donations, the fund has been able to give financial support to two hundred and sixty two needy groups and individuals since its creation.

The total amount awarded so far is in excess of £62,000.

Our thanks are due to all who support the fund. Without you, none of this rewarding work would have happened. Many local youngsters and their families are grateful for your efforts.

Thank you.

Paul Taylor (Chairman of the Trustees)


September 2012 update

During the last year (30 Sept 2011 to 30 Sept 2012) 39 grants were made.

This brings the total of grants made since the foundation of the fund to two hundred and six.

The amount given out since the foundation of the fund comes to just over £50,000.

The Trustees of the Fund would like to offer thanks to all who help in any way.


February 2012 update

The PTIR has provided the memorial fund with approximately £50,000 from the five runs held so far. This has enabled the fund to support local
youngsters in a variety of ways.

One hundred and eighty-five grants have been made so far, to both individuals and groups.

Hundreds of pupils have benefitted from the fund.

Help has been given for educational visits - day and residential, tuition fees for specialised music and swimming lessons, clothing, uniforms, transport, membership fees, specialist equipment and so on.

Funds are also raised from school non-uniform days, generous legacy donations and sponsored events.

The Trustees of the Fund are extremely grateful to everyone who helps in anyway at all.