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Where can I get a sponsor form from? 

If you are entering the 2 mile Fun Run, when you submit an online application or return your entry form, an entry pack containing your sponsor form will be emailed or sent out during March/April.
If you are entering the 5km or 10km run or you have lost your form you can download one from our downloads page by clicking here.

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What time do I arrive at my chosen event for?

Please be at the start of your race to check-in / register, at the latest, 30 minutes before the start time.

Start times are;

2 mile Fun Run: 10:00am
Check-in / Registration point opens 9am - Beach Hotel, Seaside Avenue, Minster ME12 2NL

Please also review the ‘How do I check-in on the day’ FAQ to ensure we get you through the check-in process as quickly as possible.

5KM & 10KM Runs: 11:00am

Check-in / Registration point opens 9:00am, adjacent to Beach Street car park, Beach Street, Sheerness ME12 1RE

Please arrive at least 30 mins before the race start time

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What distance is the run?

The run will be over three distances. There will be both a 10km and 5km run.

Unfortunately this year, there will not be a 2 mile fun run.

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When is the next Island Run?

The date for the next event is Sunday 4th June 2023.

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How do I get to the start?

5KM & 10KM Runs: The race start area is adjacent to Beach Street car park, Beach Street Sheerness ME12 1RE, which is approx. 150m from Sheerness train station/bus station and Sheerness Town Centre.

Parking: Please note you will need to pay for parking in surrounding car parks for the 5 & 10km runs. You should not assume that you will be able to park in Beach Street car park as spaces will be limited. Therefore if you need to park please ensure you allow adequate time to find a car park. If you are unfamiliar with the area then please check out the location of surrounding car parks beforehand. We would recommend also looking at parking in Bluetown (approx. 500m away).

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What is the 5km and 10km course?

Start: Area adjacent to Beach Street car park, Beach Street, Sheerness ME12 1RE
The exact start line is on the tarmac pathway adjacent to Bar Tantra, level with the SW corner of the car park. From here you proceed towards the sea wall and turn right to run through the car park to the Beach Street ramp
Proceed up the ramp to the seafront and turn left towards Tesco
50m beyond the end of the sea wall you will turn round and proceed back the way you came, towards Minster.
KM1: 70m before you reach the ramp you ran up from the car park
Continue along the seafront with the sea on your left
At the St Henry & St Elizabeth RC Church marshals will direct you to turn right and proceed down the ramp to a main road (The Broadway)
Turn left and run 170m along the pavement until you reach the ramp adjacent to the Snooker club/amusement arcade.
Turn slightly left, up the ramp and ahead to re-join the seafront promenade.
Continue along the seafront promenade with the sea on your left
KM2: 285m along the promenade by the third concrete half section.
Continue straight ahead along the promenade being careful of any boat movements as you pass the sailing club slipway.
KM3: (Water station) 100m metres before the end of the promenade concrete path where it joins the shingle bank at Bartons Point.

  • 5K runners will be directed to turn back at this point and follow the same course back to the Beach Street ramp and down to the finish line adjacent to the race start point.
  • 10K runners should continue straight on to the tarmac path

Follow the tarmac path adjacent to the shingle bank on your left.
Run across the entrance ramp to the Shingle Bank car park ensuring you take care if vehicles are entering or exiting the car park
Continue along the path until it joins The Leas seafront promenade.
KM4: 20m from the start of the wide section of The Leas seafront promenade
Continue straight with the sea on your left, passing The Sweet Hut on your right.
At the end of this section where the promenade bears right up an incline, continue straight ahead onto a 90m long smaller footpath
At the end of the smaller footpath continue straight ahead onto Minster Beach Path, with beach huts on your right.
KM5: (Water station) 40m past the end of the beach huts.
Continue straight to reach the race turn point 500m ahead
50m before the end of the beach path you will reach the turnaround point adjacent to the last set of steps up the cliff on your right. Turn here and follow exactly the same route back to the Beach Street ramp, keeping the sea on your right.
KM6: (Water station) Same place as the 5KM marker / 40m before you reach the beach huts, now on your left
KM7: Same place as the 4KM marker, 20m before the path reduces and you run adjacent to the shingle bank on your right
Take care once again crossing the ramp entrance to the Shingle Bank car park
KM8: (Water station) Same place as the 3KM marker, 100m along the wider seafront promenade at Bartons Point
Take care once again as you pas the Sailing Club for any boat movements around the slipway.
KM9: Same place as the 2KM marker
285m past the marker run down the ramp onto the main road footpath for 170m, turning right and up the ramp to the seafront when you reach the St Henry & St Elizabeth RC Church
Turn left at the top and continue along the seafront promenade towards Sheerness
KM10 / Finish Line: Turn left at the Beach Street ramp to run down, clipping the edge of the car park before entering the grass section towards the finish line which is 25m ahead of you.

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Is there water or refreshments available en route?

Water will be available at the 3, 5, 6 and 8km marker points.
Water will also be available in the race finish area
The Beach Hotel is open for refreshments at the start of the 2 mile Fun Run.

Macdonalds is located 100m from the start/finish line for the 5 & 10k runs


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When and where is the Awards Ceremony?

If you have won a race or one of our prizes for raising the most sponsorship we will contact you regarding the presentation.

Trophies will be awarded for first place in all categories as detailed elsewhere in the FAQ guide

If you were expecting to pay in your sponsor money at an awards ceremony please see the question 'How do I pay my sponsor money' question on this page.

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Why are we charging an entrance fee this year?

Two reasons;

This is normal practice and covers the costs associated with organising the event as well as the medals and trophies etc.


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How do I check-in or register on the day?

Proceed to the check-in / registration desk at the race start. Please ensure that you have the correct payment available if you have not pre-registered and paid.

This year we are operating a Fast Track Check-In for those who have pre-paid their entrance fee and minimum sponsorship before 30 April. You must have your Entry Confirmation form with you to use the Fast Track Check-In. You can also submit any additional sponsor money you have raised.

If you have not pre-registered on-line please download an Entry Form from here, complete it and bring it with you to the check-in desk. Please note there is an extra charge for registration on the day of £3. You must pay this along with the normal entrance fee and minimum sponsorship (£10 total) in CASH only (See below). We are able to accept any additional sponsorship you have raised in cheques

Please note if you have not pre-registered for the 2 mile fun run we will only accept CASH payment for your entry on the day. This is because last year we accepted a cheque payment for a family which was invalid. The family had not pre-registered and we could not make contact through the contact details that were given to us on the day.

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How can I prepare for the run?

Distance Running Tips

Before the Run

  • Properly hydrate yourself: Being hydrated starts a week before the run “Thirsty people feel more pain”. Drink a lot of water. If you are old enough to drink alcohol (!) try not to have more than one pint at a time in the days leading up to the run.  Better still, avoid alcohol completely, since it has a dehydrating effect and can also interfere with your sleep.  Limiting coffee is also a good idea.
  • Eat Sensibly: Eat a diet rich in complex carbohydrates (whole-grain breads, pasta, and cereals).  In the week before the run, about 65-70% of your calories should come from carbs.  NB.  Individuals who have diabetes should never carb load and should consult a dietician for appropriate dietary guidelines.
  • Sleep well on Friday: Sleep generally has a lag time of about 36 hours.  Sleeping poorly two days before the run will be much worse than sleeping poorly the night before. If you do toss and turn on Saturday night do not let it phase you on the starting line. Just remember that you are still ready to go.
  • Footwear and Feet:  Don't wear new shoes on the run. Wear a pair that you have worn frequently (as long as they did not create any problems). Check your toenails and clip any that are too long. Keeping your toenails neat and short will prevent them from hitting the front of your shoes, which can lead to bloody or black toenails.

On the Day

  • Practice starting slow: On race day avoid getting caught up in the excitement and running too fast at the beginning.  If you feel good after the first few miles pick up the pace and try to maintain it.  When you feel fatigued, swing your arms harder to help keep momentum.
  • Hydration:  Drink during the run and don’t wait until you are thirsty, by then it is too late…
  • Crossing the Line:  Finish with a smile on your face. Someone might be taking your photograph…!

After the Run

  • RecoveryGenerally, it takes a minimum of one to two weeks for the body to recover from the strain of running 10 miles. Return to normal training too quickly and you increase your risk of injury.  The determining factor is not how quickly your body recovers, but how quickly your mind recovers.  Olympic champion Frank Shorter expresses it well when he says "You’re not ready to run another marathon until you’ve forgotten the last one."
  • Refuel:  Replenish carbohydrates. There is a 2-hour window following a hard effort, during which absorption of carbohydrates may be enhanced. If you can't eat them, then drink them. A little protein mixed in, improves recovery. Do not choose anything extremely high in sugar or fat, it will cause stomach upset.
  • Training:  The training you do in the three weeks following the run should be a near mirror of what you did the last three weeks before.  Your eating after the run should also mirror your eating before, since a diet high in carbohydrates can help refuel your muscles as well as fuel them.

To enjoy the run and fully reap the rewards of such physical effort, be a good scout and:

Be Prepared!!

Information compiled from a variety of websites:,, Cleveland Clinic, Hal Higdon, Run to

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I posted/handed/submitted in my entry form for the 2 mile Fun Run but have not received my sponsor form yet.

If you opted to receive your entry pack by post then please wait two weeks before contacting us by email. Otherwise please wait one week before contacting us by email. We will check and come back to you normally within 48hrs but please be patient. Please do not re-register – we will get back to you.

If there is less than two weeks to the run and you have not received your entry pack or you tried to submit your online entry form after the cut-off date in time for the run do not worry. Turn up on the day (allow extra time please) with a completed entry form (download one here) and you can register then. Sponsor money can be collected and given to us afterwards

You can email us at


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How can I get an entry form?

If you are entering the 2 mile Fun Run you can download one by clicking here.

If you are entering the 5km or 10km run then you do not need a form and will need to complete your entry online. If you click here you will be directed to our partner Sporting Events UK who are managing the bookings for this run. Please note you will need a debit or credit card to pay the entrance fee on-line at the same time.


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How do I pay in my sponsor money?

You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • On-line through our btMydonate links on our web page here. IMPORTANT – If you are entering the 2 mile Fun Run please ensure that you include your Reg Number (you will find this on your Entry Confirmation form & Sponsor Form) and your name in the ‘Personalised message’ box with your donation. If you are entering the 5km or 10km run please include your name.
  • On the day of the runs we can accept cash and cheques at the registration / check in desk. Please bring your sponsor form with you
  • Postal / By hand – Please drop in cash in an envelope / send cheques made out to The Rotary Club of Minster on Sea, to 'The Island Run‘’ C/O Minster Working Men’s Club, Union Rd, Minster, ME12 2HW
  • Postal / By hand – Please drop in cash in an envelope / cheques made out to The Rotary Club of Minster on Sea, to 'The Island Run‘ C/O Balloonatic, 11/13 Russell St., Sheerness, ME12 1PL'
  • By bank transfer to ‘The Rotary Club of Minster on Sea’, Sort Code 20-54-11, Account 23854019. Please add your Reg Number (2 mile runners) or runner number and surname as the payee reference so we can correctly record your payment
  • If neither of these ways is convenient please contact us through the website and we will sort something out.
Please make cheques payable to The Rotary Club of Minster on Sea.

We would be grateful if you would please give us any outstanding monies by 6 June 2019


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I'm entering the 2 mile run - How do I use the Fast Track Check-In?

This year we are operating a Fast Track Check-In for those who have pre-paid their entrance fee and minimum sponsorship before 30 April. You must have your Entry Confirmation form with you to use the Fast Track Check-In when you arrive at the Check-In located at The Beach Hotel. You can also submit any additional sponsor money you have raised. When you hand in your Entry Confirmation we'll check our records for your payment and then give you your running number. If you have any proof of payment with you this will also speed up the process.

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How much does it cost to take part?


2 mile fun run*

5k run

10k run

Who is this event for

Casual, fun and entry level runners

Casual, entry level and club runners

Entry level and club runners

Age requirements


Minimum 13 years old

Minimum 15 years old

Timing system


Electronic chip timing

Electronic chip timing

Entry fee paid in advance (check for closing dates)

£2 – all ages, plus £5 minimum sponsorship

Affiliated runners - £12
Unaffiliated runners - £14

Affiliated runners - £16
Unaffiliated runners - £18

Entry fee on the day if you have nor pre-registered

£5 plus minimum sponsorship (cash only)

£20 (subject to space)

£20 (subject to space)

Minimum sponsorship required (see below)

Yes - £5

No – But this is a charity fund raising event so additional sponsorship is encouraged: you can nominate charities*

Medal at end of run

Standard participation medal

Bespoke event medal

Bespoke event medal

Goody bag at end of event




Event t-shirt at start of event




Trophy awards (presented at separate awards ceremony: date tba)

First female across the line (any age)
First male across the line (any age)
Best fancy dress
Highest fundraiser

5KM – fastest male & female under 15 years old
All races:
Fastest male & female under 19
Fastest senior male and female
Fastest veteran male and female (male >40 yrs, female >35 yrs)
Rotary charitable causes highest fundraiser & draw winner

Sponsorship goes to:

Paul Trigwell Memorial Fund and other charitable causes

* You can nominate a registered charity to receive your sponsorship. As the race organisers we hope you will choose to support Rotary’s charitable causes.


* 2 miles is approximate.
Fancy dress encouraged: Prize for the best dress. Prizes (tba) awarded for the largest fundraisers.

All entrants who donate sponsor money will be entered into a prize draw (prize tba).
One prize (tba) will be awarded to the entrant who raises the most sponsor money for Rotary’s charitable causes.

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Can I enter on the day? 

Yes you can subject to space. Please note that there is a small increase in the cost of the entrance fee. See also the similar FAQ How do I register or check in on the day

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I'd like to help / What can I do to help...?

Thank you for asking! Please contact us if you can help in any number of ways, no matter how big or small...

1. Take part in one of our runs and raise as much money as possible for our charities and nominate your own charities if you wish

2. Are you a company who would like to be associated with this event or know someone who would like to become our headline corporate sponsor (name on t-shirts, full event branding etc.)

3. We are looking for volunteer marshals to help on the day

4. We are looking for a volunteer to update this website!

5. We are a great fun loving club of ladies and gents from all walks of life and various ages from young to old. If your interested in joining-in contact us or talk to us on the day

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