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Paul Trigwell 2018 - Time stands still for no one....Another year passes and with that comes big changes...

Paul Trigwell

Let's start by reminding ourselves how we got this far and recognising the efforts that Fiona Trigwell and her family and friends put in over a ten year period to keep this event running in the memory of Paul who sadly passed away suddenly and far too early on 16 September 2006. With your support and particiption in this event we can continue to support the legacy that Fiona established through donations to the Paul Trigwell Memorial Fund (PTMF); to advance the education of children aged 4 – 18 years of age on the Isle of Sheppey, in particular but not exclusively those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

So 2017 was a baptism of fire for members of the Rotary Club of Minster on Sea and true recognition of the efforts that had been required to stage such event and the challenges that we would face as Fiona and her team started to step back. However all of the 34 members of the club rose to the challenge. We couldn't have done it without the support and guidance from Fiona so again, thank you Fiona. All in all we think it was a great success although we did make a few faux pas but hopefully they can be forgiven. We learned alot on the day - What worked and what didn't work and all the issues that Fiona had warned us about!

However our efforts to ensure the safety of the runners was severly put to the test on the Warden to Minster section despite additional efforts to ensure that vehicle drivers were cautious and aware of runners in the road. Whilst the runners recognised and commented on the improvements we still had idiotic drivers that ignored all of our warnings and large flourescent signage, to drive at stupid speeds round blind bends, fully aware that runners were in the road! Unfortunately two near misses were bought to our attention that we cannot overlook.

So after a lot of soul seeking, deliberation and debate we've made the decision to make some big changes. They are not necessarily permanent and certainly reversible but until the coastal footpath is available to us we don't feel we have a choice in order to maintain our duty of care to the runners....That being said, we are very excited to introduce some new partner organisations to you who are going to help us to grow and nurture this event. They will help us meet our commitment to ensure that this event continues for many more years raising funds for the PTMF and the many other charitable causes.

So what is this all about, who are we and who are our partners that are supporting us?

A quick potted history: The Island Run was established in the early in the 1970's initially as a middle school only event but then opened up to the community. It had maintained it's links with the Island School community throughout thanks to the commitment and organisation thats Schools put into organising it each year, not least Paul Trigwell prior to his untimely death in 2006. His wife Fiona then took up the helm for 10 years during which time the event continued to flourish amid rising concerns about road traffic volumes on the back of an ever increasing population on the Isle of Sheppey. After the 2016 run Fiona announced that bureaucracy and red tape matters were becoming too challenging at which point the Rotary Club of Minster came on board to work with Fiona and take over it's running (excuse the pun.)

The Rotary Club of Minster on Sea (RCoMoS) like many others who were vocal at the time didn't want to see this event die after all of the effort that has gone into keeping it alive for over forty plus years! The RCoMoS are a charity registered organisation made up of local volunteers with varied backgrounds and skills, who meet up on a weekly basis to enjoy social activities and support our local community through many fundraising events throughout the year. Just like the PTMF we formed our Club in 2006 with an ethos to support the local community. Over the years our members have also raised well over £100,000 for the local community. And again like the PTMF we try to rely on a very supportive local community of sponsors and supporters to ensure that every penny that we raise goes to charitable causes. Whilst we do support a couple of National and International charities our over-riding ethos is to put the money that we raise locally back into the local community. (We're also very friendly and sociable so why not contact us about popping along to one of our meetings to see what we are all about.)

In order to resolve the issues and deliver the improvements that are needed to sustain The Island Run, this year we have made some changes and have taken on another new partner.

Last year we were fortunate enough to establish a partnership with Steve Wolfe, CEO of Kent Sports Trust. Steve mirrors our ethos with his drive, commitment and enthusiasm to support and grow the Island Run. He bought a wealth of knowledge and experience to us on the back of his own crazy personal plan to run a minimum 5K every day for over 1000 days in order to raise funds and recognition of his charity! I urge you to check out Kent Sports Trust's website to see how truly inspirational they are: Steve leads on the marketing, promotion and corporate sponsorship elements of the Island Run.

This year we are also delighted to welcome Barry Hopkins, Director of Sporting Events UK into our partnership. Barry is a competitive athlete who recognised the opportunity to help others through the organisation and management of professional running events. Barry brings with him the tools and organisational skills necessary to help develop and grow the Island Run so that we can deliver a professionally managed event and hopefully at the same time help both us and our runners raise money for their nominated charities as well as our own. Barry leads on the management of the 5km and 10km runs including the registration process and race timing system.